Quarter Life Crisis

    I will be turning 25 in a couple of weeks. I have a few friends that have already crossed that threshold and the we all speak of this “Quarter Life Crisis”. Ask anyone over 30 and they will say we are being dramatic. We are not being dramatic, it is a somewhat an…

Hypermasculinity Won’t Get Your Dick Sucked

In the black community, hypermasculinity is almost second nature. Here are four ways that hypermasculinity can keep you from being in a successful relationship and/or just getting some head.

Let Them Live

I am like the mama friend. I got my friends backs. I will tell them what I think whether they ask for it or not. I am brutally honest and will be quick to pick out their issue. While I think that’s a reason they love me and it could also be a reason I…

Have you Cheated?

Hello Everyone, I am collecting some data for an upcoming blog post and podcast. So if you have ever cheated on your gf/bf/whatever, please fill out this quick survey. It is completely anonymous!  Click Here Let’s say you have never cheated but no someone that has…send it their way! Thanks a bunch!