Why Movies Are Good First Dates by Jeremy Givens

I’ve often heard that movies are terrible first dates and don’t give you an opportunity to learn about the person you’re meeting. However, I’ve found this couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are seven reasons why movies are good first dates:

  1. You learn about the person while you are deciding what movie to watch. Pay attention to if they choose a rom-com or an action movie. Notice how willing they are to compromise on movie selection.
    • If they are willing to compromise your date may be open-minded and willing to try new things and open to exploring you and the world.
    • If they are unwilling to compromise, your date may be a stubborn butthole. This person may be stuck in their ways not open to change.
  2. What movie theater do they choose? Is it an extra Bougie movie theater like iPic or do they prefer the theater with sticky floors? Is there consideration of a theater close to you?
    • If they choose a bougie theater, they are more than willing to impress and open to courting you.
    • If they choose a hood theater with sticky floors, they may not want to be seen with you in public, or they need you to expand their horizons. Unless you’re going to see a horror movie—Its always fun to yell at the screen.
  3. What time is the movie? Does he suggest an obscure time (so no one sees you?)
    • If they choose a midday matinee, this could be a good thing. This is a very public time where you are most likely to be seen in public, so there is nothing to hide. However, this could be that his evening is packed and can only fit you in during the day.
    • If they choose a midnight showing, it better be the first showing of a new Marvel movie. Midnight showings are lowkey and allow you to be incognito. This may be a sign that he/she is not that into you, move with caution.
  4. What time do they arrive? Are they early, just on-time, or late?
    • If they are on time, they are most likely a punctual person. Remember, being on time for a movie is 10-15 minutes before show time. (“If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late.”)
    • If they show up late, why? What’s their reason? Late arrival is a sign of poor planning. This will manifest itself later in the future.
  5. Do they buy food or bring snacks?
    • There is nothing wrong with buying food, especially on a date. If the person buys food, it is an excellent opportunity to see if they order a reasonable item, or if they want to make popcorn and starburst their dinner. Again, this is a test of practicality and judgment. Why spend $40 on snacks, when we could sit down and eat a full meal before or after?
    • If they bring snacks, this is a sign they are comfortable in their own skin. They know who they are and do not feel the need to present you with their representative.
  6. Notice their mannerisms during the movie. What jokes make them laugh? Do they cry? Are they talkative?
    • There are tons of ways people act in movie theaters, the most important thing is if their movie habits match yours. If they do, it is a good indicator that your personalities will match outside of the theater as well.
    • If you are annoyed sitting next to them, use this as an opportunity to exit stage left after the movie. “Thank you for a wonderful time, I’m going to head home now.”
  7. Now that the movie is over, what is the vibe/energy you get from this person? Did you enjoy being in their company? If so, how about going to dinner now. Talking about the movie would be a great conversation starter.
    • If there is synergy, go for drinks or a fancy dessert. Sit down over a cup of coffee and discuss the movie. What I’m saying is, if you felt something go with that feeling.
    • If you did not enjoy their company, go home. Simple as that.

You can hear more about this theory on the Bourbon & Boyshorts Podcast, Episode 6: “Return of the Jedi” at 16:25.

About the Author

CO-HOST OF Bourbon & Boyshorts podcast.

Jeremy is one half of the podcast duo Bourbon & Boyshorts, where two single men, who both happen to be single fathers, discuss love, life, and libations. A graduate of Bowie State University, Jeremy holds a degree in Economics. When he is not playing Clark Kent during the day, Jeremy is trying to save the world through mentoring, tutoring, and serving the community. In his spare time you can find him pursuing his passions in community building, in the kitchen perfecting his culinary skills, watching Basketball games, or collecting vinyl records.

Connect with Jeremy on his personal instagram and podcast’s instagram.

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