It is May and the second quarter of the year is already upon us. This is the time to begin setting and executing second quarter goals. You should at least have goals every quarter for yourself. This will allow you to feel confident and accomplished. If you haven’t set goals for yourself in the second quarter, here are some tips that might help you


May means that it has only been a month since we have been in the second quarter. (Personal opinion) April has come and gone so quickly that it’s unbelievable that May is even showing up on the calendar right now. But, just because the days are going by quickly does not mean that you allow your responsibilities to slip away from you that quickly. Know that time will fly but you still have to be accountable. One key tip on accomplishing a lot of your goals is reflecting upon them often. Overseeing your goals and keeping an eye on them can help you see your progression and also allow you to see the next move into another goal or further achieving one you are in pursuit of. As you reflect on the first month in the second quarter and the first quarter, ask yourself:

Were my requirements of myself meet in this month or beginning of this quarter?  IF THEY WEREN’T

What should, or could I be doing to accomplish more and to be more focused?


Let’s be real! Life happens, AND it will continue to happen. But, will you just let it happen to you or will you conquer it with no excuses? Issues will arise as you become greater at your passion and purpose. You cannot just assume that everything will be honkey dory! It won’t be. Nothing comes with ease. As you set the goals for the second quarter or complete them, remember to include possible setbacks and how you will overcome them or move around them to still see your dream come true. What is your action plan when funds are needed to make the dream work but you are tight on cash? What happens if sells are down or followers/engagements are lowering? Do you have the time and strength to uphold your brand on a busy day? What automated tools will you need to help you make this quarter a bit better and stronger for you?


Remember not everyone is going to like your goals or care about your passion. We are in the eager stage of the year right now where everyone is waiting for summer and others are like “Dang, Summer is here” That mindset can either make or break you. If you are thinking of having a dope event this summer and you keep that eager mentality and not a focused mentality it may through you off. By being fearless and unapologetic with in the type of goals you have, it is also okay to remain focused and miss out on the actual trends of the times. You don’t have to chill and enjoy and have fun because its summer. You can grind work hard and then go into hibernation and money collection in the winter. There is nothing wrong with you announcing your new goals and fearlessly attacking every task to make sure it is met. Some things and some people will pull you away from achieving your goals. No when to be unapologetic and excuse that negativity or distraction out of your life.

Make May and the rest of the second quarter a meaningful and purposeful one. You must remember that not all of your goals are meant to be thoughts. Actually, execute them and being to reach for the sky with your dreams. But, be realistic in obtaining them and focus on finish line. The better you begin to be at setting goals and achieving them, the better the year and life will be.

About the Author

CEO-FOUNDER and Blogger for #BiznessBabeArmy lifestyle and business blog/podcast.

As a multi-preneur, Natalie Rochelle knew she had to set a higher purpose in her life.  She was ready to be the voice for female entrepreneurs and let the world know that not all CEO’s wear suits and bowties. The future is female. Since then, she has been inspiring, encouraging, and coaching female entrepreneurs and young professionals to do the same. With her love for marketing, design, and helping entrepreneurs brand themselves, she started #BiznessBabeArmy as a platform for the women who needed the resources and encouragement to start and maintain her dream business. Now with the #BiznessBabeArmy blog and podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud , she encourages female entrepreneurs everywhere and help them find the confidence and the strength to start goal setting and using their inner power to succeed at everything in life by. Funny thing is, she is just getting started. Connect with Natalie on her website, instagram, and facebook.

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