We The Roses

Have you ever seen the smile on a woman’s face when she receives a bouquet of roses from someone she loves? Or have you ever had that smile yourself? It feels great I’m sure; a feeling of pride, joy, love. Almost like you want it to last forever?

While I’ve never experienced such pleasure, I’ve always had a bittersweet feeling at the thought of receiving roses. They’re beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but they’re essentially a dead plant. They’re so…temporary.

I think, why would you want this feeling for only a moment. Then I realize, of course, people want it for more than a moment, but a glimmer of that feeling is what gives them joy. Typically, that joy is rooted in the love that they have for the giver of the flowers; not the flowers themselves.

See the flowers are just an expression of the pride, love, and joy we have for one another. That’s why they’ve even given meaning to the colors and types of each kind of flower. There’s also meaning to flowers that have yet to bloom and those in full bloom.

Roses in particular always mean love in various forms; whether it be gratitude, romance, or encouragement. These forms of love should be shown every day all around the world to leave an impact. I’m sure one of the many flower websites would agree. However, I think we can give roses in a better way.

How about we BE the roses; making everyone smile when we come around. In a world where negativity spreads like forest fires, I don’t think we have enough people being roses.

Just think about how many days you’ve gone without hearing a single positive message specifically for you. Words of affirmation are all fine and dandy, but hearing those words from others can often be even better.

Now, I’m not saying that everyone should be a rose every single day, but I am saying, we should try to be roses more often. Even flowers stand a little taller, bloom a little fuller, and live a little longer with a little bit of positivity.

Be more thoughtful today. Tell your friends one good thing about them because when all of the flowers in the world have faded–we the roses.

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