26 Promises

2/19/92 a star was born. A week ago, I was thinking about my birthday and how hard my birthday was for me last year. I got teary eyed thinking about it and then this sense of calmness washed over me, and I started to feel happy. Happy because I am such a great place. Not because everything is going perfect, because it is not. But because in the midst of the change and trails of life I have kept my peace of mind. It’s such a great feeling and I am excited for my 26th year. I wanted to share my 26 promises (some are self-care, and some are goals) I have made to myself to keep my joy and peace.

  1. Love me more than anyone.
  2. Continue to appreciate the ones I love the most.
  3. Never stop getting massages – They give me so much life!
  4. Grow a garden.
  5. Treat my body well – I am developing a healthy relationship my body and what I put in it.
  6. Never take myself too seriously.
  7. Choose your battles – Every situation doesn’t need a response. Sometimes it is best to just let it go.
  8. Keep traveling and exploring the world.
  9. Laugh all the time.
  10. Have new experiences and don’t be afraid to have them alone – In the past, I haven’t gone to certain events or done activities because I didn’t have anyone to go with me. Not anymore!
  11. Support more small businesses.
  12. Appreciate quiet moments – The world is so loud that you need quiet sometimes.
  13. Never doubt my abilities.
  14. Keep my relationship with God a priority.
  15. Release expectations not attached to your morals and values – I can get so caught up in expectations that just causes unnecessary disappointment, when I can be more fluid so that I can adapt.
  16. Continue your love for housewives shows – I do not care about the judgment I receive. I love them all except Potomac. That one isn’t my favorite.
  17. Be authentic and do what feels right.
  18. Keep learning a priority.
  19. Be open to new people.
  20. Be the light Bring something good to others.
  21. Don’t feel bad for splurging on yourself, you work hard.
  22. Invest in something.
  23. Give myself an abundance of gratitude.
  24. Get back to volunteering monthly.
  25. Embrace my sensitive nature – People have made comments and they impacted me negatively. I am sensitive person and that is ok.
  26. Enjoy every single day I’m on this Earth.

What are some promises you can make for yourself?


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