Holiday Blues

Holiday Season is here and as a happy time of year it is for a lot of people. This time of year, there are so many situations that can make you feel weird not having a partner. You are questioned by family, “where’s your friend?”. You don’t have a plus one for the company party. You won’t have the romantic kiss at midnight on New Year’s. I want to give five reasons why it’s cool to be single for the holidays.

  1. Save money – Now you have one less person to buy a gift for. One less person to stress about whether you got them the right present. Take that money and buy yourself a gift. Take that money and pay a bill off. Take that money and make an investment that will pay for more gifts in the future.
  2. You don’t have to choose between events – When you’re in a relationship you should spend time with your significant other’s people. And by people, I mean his family and friends. You could love his family and friends but still hate having to skip out on events you want to go. You typically should compromise your time and eat his/her Aunt’s mac & cheese that isn’t as good as your mom’s. When you are single you don’t have to mix in another person’s schedule with yours.
  3. You can kiss everybody  Holidays season means people are traveling in and out of your city, so there is some fresh blood around. It is a great time to have a fling or two. There are no restrictions on what you can do with whoever you want to do it with.
  4. No family interrogations  Meeting the family can be nerve-wrecking. You want your family to like him/her and you want your significant other to vibe with them as well. And if your family is anything like mine, he/she will be interrogated and you hope to they say the right answers. When you are single you can avoid it all together.
  5. Solo-reflection time/start the new year fresh – The end of the year is great time for reflection on the year and the goals you may or may not have accomplished. It is a great time to re-prioritize your time. When you are in a relationship, all your time isn’t your own. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not relationships are time-consuming and can be distracting. So, using your single time for self-development and to be selfish can even help you when you find the right relationship to be in. Self-development is key!

So be happy and single, Enjoy the Holiday season. 🙂


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