#Lawrencehive Chill Out

Insecure season two finale came on Sunday night. I will not go into my thoughts on the show itself but I really want to discuss one type of reaction that I just do not understand. The closure scene between Issa and Lawrence had a lot of ladies in their feelings including me. To see them be mature and talk things through warmed my heart. It also made me cry because how painful is it to love someone and they love you but know that in this moment there is no future. That scene was trigging and my twitter timeline was filled with black girls who agreed with me. However, what I wasn’t prepared for was the amount of hostility I saw from some guys towards the scene of Issa and Lawrence. They didn’t like the tears he shed and they didn’t like the fact that Lawrence gave Issa an apology.  I don’t understand why some of the #Lawrencehive felt he shouldn’t have engaged in that conversation. Closure is needed and the maturity shown on the screen is something we all should strive to have. When someone cheats, does that mean everything you did doesn’t count?  That is not how relationships works.

To my misguided #Lawrencehive followers

I need you guys to grow up and watch that scene again. Issa did apologize again for her cheating but apologized for everything before she made that decision. Lawrence finally acknowledged his part for the demise of their relationship. That is powerful, to able to take a step back and really acknowledge the part you played in the failure of a relationship. They walked away better individuals and the hope is that they can take these lessons and do better in their next relationship. (I still secretly hope they will find their way back to each other.) Him apologizing doesn’t condone Issa’s cheating and it doesn’t ignore her bad choice. Cheating is wrong, we all know that but why is it that when men get cheated on they can’t seem to get past it like women do. I think men are weaker when it comes to getting their feelings hurt. I am not sure if it is an ego or pride issue but they hold on to it to the death. I believe women feel the same amount of pain but somehow, we can move past it more easily than men or more our willingness to move past it is in greater supply. I find that funny since a lot of men like to portray themselves tough guys, and we all know you’re not. So, why do you still feel that is necessary?  I understand that in some ways you were conditioned to do so but there is a time in everyone’s life where you can decide to just stay a product of your environment or choose another path. Men, choose another path. And while I do think that typically in film and television the man is portrayed as the bad guy which I know can get old. You guys got behind a cause finally he wasn’t that guy. But what about all the other mess he got himself into during the season and before Issa cheated? There is no way to have a successful relationship when you keep tallies of your partner’s mistakes. If the roles were reversed you would be telling Issa she needs to forgive, it was a mistake, and he still loves her. You can’t play both sides to satisfy your cause. Life my friends doesn’t work that way. You should support Lawrence in his quest to be better and for showing some vulnerability. Try it some time.

P.S. I am speaking in general terms. Obviously not everyone is everything. This was totally a rant but after reading tweet after tweet about this I felt it was my duty to share my thoughts. It’s all in fun and what I love the most is the conversation starters Insecure provides. So, save the sass for someone else and let’s keep discussing.

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  1. I have to agree about men not been able to get past the cheating part. Men are supposed to be strong and powerful and when the girl cheats they feel the same thing like a woman, feels which is weak and insufficient. They cannot let their boys to see them looking week and Lame so they just have to cut you off and They may not even tell their boys that you cheated .


    1. Patreseknows says:

      Yes! I couldn’t agree more. It’s not a healthy way to processz


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