Player’s, they gon Play 

So, I know everyone has heard or read what’s happened between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. Rob was in his feelings giving us every dirty detail of their failed relationship. I must say that originally, I wanted them to work out on a petty note. I felt like they got together to piss his family off and make some waves and in the mist of being petty they fell for each other. I think I was dead wrong guys (maybe not). Most people thought she was playing Rob to get lifetime checks. One could say people were right and she did pull it off, however, if she played her part correctly she could have become Mrs. Kardashian. As for Rob, with better selection skills he could have been avoided being played. I want to give my two cents on what each of them of could have done differently to possible avoid this drama they are currently in.

Disclosure: The one reason this whole situation isn’t funny is because  of Dream. She’s just a cute little baby who unfortunately is caught between her parents battling. For the child’s sake, I hope that one day they can peaceful co-parent and co-exist.

Secondly, the advice I am giving Chyna, I would never do. I don’t think it’s right to play people at all. I just must point out some ways she could have further sealed the deal. (She could have had genuine feelings for him.)

Third, I do feel bad for Rob because he was in a fragile depressive state when they met which is why he maybe couldn’t stand up to the red flags he received. I am also sure he had a part to play in their demise. I hope Rob begins to truly love himself so that he won’t allow himself to be in these situations.

Fourth, Rob blasting her and sharing all her business wasn’t necessary and was beyond petty. Posting those photos were illegal. (Allegedly a lawsuit could be coming.) Whether you like her or not, she is the mother of your child.

Obviously, I don’t know the whole story. I’m basing my thoughts about what I’ve seen and read. So, relax, read, and chuckle a little.

Are you ready kids!?

Blac Chyna 

You would have received my “Queen of Petty” award if you got down the aisle. But you didn’t and it’s because you lacked patience. You needed to be with him longer before the engagement. People including the family was doubting your motives (as they should) and it didn’t help that the relationship was moving at lightning speed. You should have dated him longer to show that you were really in it with him. Secondly, in the beginning of the relationship you were still beefing with Kylie. That was the wrong move you should have made amends earlier. You beefing with her made everyone draw conclusions that Rob was some sort of payback. Third, rob was insecure (his weight, he’s been cheated on before) you needed to be more transparent. Let him see your phone girl. Help him to trust you. This relates to the fact that you two weren’t dating long enough. If you really were trying to get back at the Kardashians, you needed to keep your eyes on the long game. Those business deals were rushed. It may not have been your idea but you should have been like naw, at least the first ask.  Slow and steady wins the race my friend.


Rob, there were many red flags my brother. Blac Chyna’s history with your family should have been enough to not go there. However, I believe in the beginning you knew what you were doing when you started dating her. Once you started catching feelings that’s when love took over. Love makes us all crazy. Love makes you do things you never said you would do.  Secondly, you were spending all this money on her in such a short amount of time. The next chick you date, be basic. That’s how you could weed out some of the users. You also look crazy because as for how awful she is, you kept going back. When someone shows you who you are, believe them the first-time Rob. Rob, you need to just focus on being a great dad and your best self. You need apologize for blowing her spot up, glow up, get some new business deals, and move on. Rob, you could call me. I am super loyal and faithful. 😉 (I laughed out loud typing that.)

None of us know the real story besides Rob and Chyna. I could be totally wrong in my thoughts, so stay tuned and I will update as needed. Plus, my true hope as stated earlier is that they can peacefully co-parent baby Dream.



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