Put The Weed In The Bag


Before I start, no this post isn’t actually about weed. WAIT DON’T GO! It’s still a very important principle from Charlamagne Tha God’s Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It. Though the title initially made me roll my eyes since black privilege doesn’t exist, I still decided to give it a listen. I listened because he’s a radio personality, so I felt hearing it in his voice would give it a little more flavor. Plus, you know with Good Girls Behaving Badly you can get a free book and 30-day trial for any book of your choice by visiting http://www.audibletrial.com/GoodGirlsBehavingBadly. I’d been hearing good reviews about it for a week, and I’m sure glad I gave it a chance. I won’t spoil it for those of you that haven’t had the chance to read it yet, but I just want to discuss this one part…

Put the weed in the bag is a principle that was first introduced to me by DMX in Belly about the process and grinding on your way to success. Charlamagne including it in his book was just a reminder of how integral this principle is to win. As a millennial in my mid-20’s, I feel that a lot of us are too proud to “put the weed in the bag.” Let me explain; you can’t sell the weed until it’s all bagged up, right? So who do you think is going to do it? Where do you think you have to start? You got it by putting the weed in the bag. It’s an essential part of the process; you can’t just bag up weed while you’re selling it. You have to bag up enough in advance to go out and make sales. So why do we think we can skip bagging?

I can recall the frustration of not being able to find a paid internship while in undergrad and finally giving up and succumbing to an unpaid internship. However, I still needed money; so I worked two part-time jobs, double majored, and had my internship. I’m not saying this to brag because lord knows it was a struggle, but it was very necessary. That internship taught me so much more than I would have imagined. Had it not been for that internship, I wouldn’t have moved to Atlanta, I wouldn’t have learned as much as I did about public relations, and I wouldn’t have met so many helpful people. I currently have a thriving side hustle thanks to this unpaid internship that I kept for a year and a half.

Money isn’t the only determinant of success; that’s why there are wealthy people that still get up and go to work every day. They trust the process. We have to learn how to humble ourselves and play our position in all aspects of life. You won’t get handed your dream job; you won’t make your desired salary just because you have a degree; you won’t get married just because you’re a good person. Life is a process; trust the process.

Don’t be against learning for free. Don’t be against learning from unexpected teachers. Don’t be against struggling for your dream. You can’t appreciate the glory without the grind.


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