So, the past few years I have enjoy the “self-help” book section. The “self-help” section of the book store should be called the self-care section because that’s all it is. I think these types of books can help you discover something new about yourself or reaffirm lessons you have already received. I am currently reading “Receiving Love- Transform your relationship by letting yourself be loved”. When I first started the book I thought it was crap, however as I kept reading the book was starting to drop jewels. I will not say I agreed with every topic discussed but it I was able to learn more about myself as I continued to read.

Every relationship, every action, and every reaction is impacted by your childhood. We learn how to love, how to communicate, and how to interact with others from our parents/environment. This book gives good instincts on where insecurities began and how our childhood impacts the way we give and receive love. This book gives awesome situational examples that everyone can related to whether you are currently single or in a relationship. While on a high-level people can understand why they are the way they are but this book dives deep into where certain behaviors began, how they are impacted in romantic relationships, and gives solutions to combat the programmed negative behavior.

As a single gal, I found this to be super helpful to not only to get to know myself on a deeper level but it also helped me to develop more empathy for others who may not be aware of how deep their insecurities lie. What I’ve learned in this book will make it easier to see red flags in potential mates. No one is perfect but there is a difference between trying to be better and using their life experiences as an excuse. If you are in a relationship, this book could possibly help you to understand your partner better and can open the door to conversation on how you both give and receive love.

So read on and let me know if you found the book to be useful. If not this one there are plenty of great books that can assist you in your own personal growth. The jewels I have picked up will help me navigate my next epic love.

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