Fat girl Chronicles #2- Asparagus Pee

Hey all! I am back again with another fat girl chronicle. So far, I’ve lost 7 pounds. I am feeling ok about it. I know I could’ve lost more but I had a slip up or two. The toughest part is eating healthy. If you are like me, you have no portion control. To be healthier is to have foods in moderation. So, I bought a food scale for about 12 dollars from Walmart. The scale measures ounces, pounds, and fluid ounces. It is super helpful in the beginning stages of trying to understand what serving sizes should be. I cut back dramatically on juice and soda. 80% of the time I am drinking water. Which also means I pee like 10 times a day but that’s not annoying at all. (Please note sarcasm)

In my quest to my goal body, I realized I eat the same five vegetables and it gets boring. I have been trying new vegetables that I’ve never eaten before and I realized I love asparagus. I really love asparagus! I do not know why I didn’t eat it before. Maybe be it was the appearance or smell that turned me off. All I know is asparagus and I are in a committed relationship. However, that whole make your pee smell statement is true. I’m Instagram scrolling and peeing, then I start to smell this weird smell. Asparagus pee doesn’t stink but it does have an odd lingering odor. I couldn’t enjoy peeing and scrolling Instagram.

However, as well as I was doing I had a long work trip. That trip totally ruined my growing good habits. My work trip was long hours where in some cases you didn’t get to eat or you have ten minutes to shove food down your throat before the next session. That schedule threw my diet off on top of that fact that there was so much junk food available if I wanted it. Duh, I wanted the junk. I am taking full accountability because I could have made better eating choices but I was so weak.


Now, I am back on track and continuing to becoming a healthier me. When you want to change any habit, it takes time and can be difficult. It is important not to be too hard on yourself while you getting it all together. It is also important to be accountable when you do feel you have slipped up. It’s not about the slip up but the come up. Moving forward regardless is what matters most. So even though summer is quickly approaching there is still time to get together and put in some work to become a healthier version of you.


Tip #21 Keep a food Diary/App- I like my fitness pal because you can attach other apps or fitness trackers. It keeps your weight, goal weight, exercises etc. all in one place.



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