In our last podcast of 2016 we both shared our advice for 2017. My advice was to “stop projecting and deal with your issues”. The biggest lesson I have learned was to stop putting my issues on other people and to handle my business. When I say “stop putting my issues on other people”, I mean stop lashing out because certain aspects of your life have you unhappy, uncomfortable, sad, etc. It happens in small ways at first, little snarky comments or throwing a little shade. (I can’t lie I enjoy throwing some every now and then.) But sometimes the shade is more of a reflection of yourself then them. Instead of dealing with the areas you need improvement, you focus on other people’s lives because you don’t have to be accountable. You don’t have to answer to anyone, you can always throw the “it’s my opinion” and don’t have to deal with the repercussions of your mouth.

But let me tell you something, it gets old. Your negative outlook and mouth. People start to see how frankly- sad you are and that’s when people peace out. In earlier posts, I’ve written about being accountable and acknowledging your feelings. But after that you need to put in some work. I call it self-discovery. This will always be an ongoing thing for the rest of your life. The resistance to adjust to where God is leading you is possibly blocking blessings meant for you. God gives us free will. We can make our own decisions, which can lead us down a path. Life is full of seasons where, job has changed, relationships have changed, and ultimately, you’ve changed is all for a reason. The more you resist the more conflict you will add to your own life.

Figure this all out, and there are several resources to do so. Loyal friends, life coach, therapy, prayer, and time spent with self. Stop lashing out because you are unhappy and conflicted in the seasons of life. Live in some truth and stop getting mad at people when they see your crap. You put it out there for everyone to see. The chip on your shoulders gets so large you start expecting people to help you carry the chip around.

After all the tears and struggles, one day you’ll be at a place where you just feel good about where you are in life. You feel hope about the future. That’s where I am these days. I am not saying life is perfect for me but I am finally feeling good. Why? I let go. Something needed to change. I felt so stuck in this certain spot. It was like I was struggling to get over the same hurdles repeatedly. I had to let go. Let go of pain of dead relationships and of fear. I let it all go. It took prayer. Lots of pray. It took my friend listening to me, which I appreciate you guys so much. I stopped projecting and made a commitment to being the best version of myself. Every day will not be peachy but my foundation is full of peace and understanding. I want the same for you.


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  1. Leroy L. says:

    Glad you’re back! I really enjoyed this one! Let’s all do a better job of committing to positivity! The Power of life and death is in the toungue! Yassss for the good word today!

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    1. Patreseknows says:

      Thanks for reading! I appreciate your comments so much.


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