Save It For Later or Savor The Flavor?

You know when you taste food so good that you don’t want it to go away? You wish there were a never-ending supply of it so you can just keep eating it forever? Just me? Ok well, I’ve been there more times than I can count; I usually try to eat it slower so that the taste lasts longer. That’s my way of savoring the flavor, but I recently realized that everyone doesn’t have the same technique.

As you may (or may not) know, I just came back from a wonderful vacation. On one day we enjoyed the beautiful beach of Cozumel Island in Mexico. It was amazing; just spending time in the sun with my feet in the sand was so splendid. But when I opened my eyes from enjoying the sun rays to look at the shoreline I couldn’t imagine what I saw—men and women taking pictures, in various poses to save for later. I unintentionally said, “see I’m not here for this I’m here to swim.” I honestly didn’t mean to be shady by it, but I couldn’t help but think about whether or not they were truly taking in and enjoying the beach.

1455019692525608112I wonder if they know the score of the game.

I’ve noticed when out at gatherings you can see groups of people dancing together just for Snapchat. Via Snapchat it looks like the liveliest party on earth; however, in person, it could just be an empty room with five friends recording themselves for Snapchat. Did they actually enjoy the party or did they just want to make it seem like they enjoyed the party? While I know this isn’t always the case, often we forget to live in the moment because we’re too busy trying to save the moment for later. I noticed some of the times I’m having the most fun I forget to take pictures. While reminiscing later, I wish we had pictures, but we have something better —memories. Some people believe that memories fade so they take pictures, but don’t sacrifice memories to have pictures of every moment.

Just like food that tastes good, if we try to save it for later it will spoil. However, if you enjoy it while you have it, the memories will live forever. Next time you’re out with a group of friends, put down your phone and make sure you’re taking in all of the little things around you to savor the flavor.

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