I Won’t be Eating at the Potluck

I enjoyed telling my last story so I am back with another chronicle of my life. Hope you enjoy!

Do you know how well your co-workers value hygiene? I am not really sure. Sometimes I see crumbs in the kitchen. I don’t necessarily know who’s doing it. Sometimes it may be a day where they look rough (don’t we all have those days). But let me tell how I saw firsthand of lack of hygiene at my job. I was in the bathroom washing my hands. I like to wet my hands with hot water, add soap, lather it up, and rinse. It isn’t rocket science to do so. While I am washing my hands, a coworker comes out of the stall. She sprinkles her fingers with water, grabs a paper towel, and leaves.



Let me repeat myself…. she sprinkled her fingers with water. That’s it! She didn’t wash her hands! Had the nerve to smile at me as she left the bathroom.




She didn’t even get her whole hand wet. I was shocked. You really walking out of this bathroom without washing your hands. I couldn’t believe she would do that especially in front of someone. Like in my mind wouldn’t you be nasty in private. Like wouldn’t you at least look like you clean. She’s very polished and dresses well. It just rocked my world in the worst way.

So now every time I see her I cringe on the inside. We got a potluck coming up and I don’t want to eat nothing but my dish. (If I even participate.)  It’s like you can’t judge someone by their looks. Just because they come to work looking together doesn’t mean they are clean. You don’t know their house or their kitchen. There are lessons to be learned from this story.

Don’t Assume.

You can’t eat everybody’s food.

Wash your freaking hands.

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