They Didn’t Want Me To Win


I know we give our POV and advice on various topics but sometimes I just want to share pieces of my life. So if you don’t know I am a meeting/conference planner for an association. I’ve always loved the event planning industry and knew that would be in my future. I got a great opportunity to manage a meeting/conference by myself. Prior to this I have always been on a team when executing a conference or event. So this was a big deal to me. I was excited and nervous but ready.

I get there a day early. I checked in and even fix some a minor issue before any other guests or staff checked in. I was feeling good until…I went to the bathroom, turned around to sit and “PLOP”, my heart stops. What could possibly be that noise. I turn around and see my IPHONE and charging case in the toilet. I grabbed it! I didn’t care if it was toilet water. I didn’t need to pee anymore. My life was in shambles. I took the case off and dried it off. I took my phone and dried it off and starting pressing buttons to see what still worked. It appeared I didn’t just ruin my phone. Well I was quite wrong….at first the screen was on and the sound wasn’t working. Then, it just completely shuts off. “Jesus help me lord!”. I am out of state at a conference I’m managing, and I don’t have a working phone. How can anybody contact me? How could I contact anyone in an emergency? What about snapchat!? I immediately hit the pavement to find rice. Rice cures this right? When I think of this experience again I don’t understand why I didn’t just ask the hotel for rice. I was walking until I saw a Mexican restaurant, I went inside and asked for a bag of raw rice. He looked at me like I was crazy but gave it to me and for free. I used an ice bucket and covered my phone and proceeded with my day. I checked it that night and it looked like it was back on. However, now I have rice stuck in the headphone port. I go to charge my phone and it goes black. What the heck does this mean? It comes back on. I’m happy again. It goes back out again. This phone plays with my emotions for 5 minutes until I gave up and put it back in the rice bucket.  

Let’s fast forward to the next day. So first day of the meeting, I wake up to a scratchy throat and stuffy nose. Really!? And I mean stuffy people I couldn’t even taste my bacon. I was so stuffy it was difficult for people to understand me. I pop some pills and keep it moving. My phone still doesn’t work so I have to kind of have to walk around with my laptop so I don’t miss any messages. Despite my feelings the conference is going well. So I’m starting to feel good again until they lose internet connection. Come on hotel! I got people left and right coming to me. I’m calling IT every five minutes until they can come. Staff is giving me the side eye. “Lord let this internet come back on” and it does. In that moment I was like “you got this!”.

Things will always happen. It’s all about your recovery. A couple days later the conference was over, my phone turned back on, and I could smell again. Plus, I received positive feedback. I had to check myself though. Every time a bump happened I would freak out (on the inside) but I didn’t need to. Things happen and as a meeting planner they will always happen. Trust that in these type is situations a solution can always be found. Also, try to find the lesson in life bumps. Like my phone, while I thought I would die without having my phone for 3 days I was just fine. I wasn’t as distracted. So now I make a point to be on my phone less. When the wi-fi went out I felt some serious anxiety because I wanted everything to be perfect but nothing is. I have to lower these impossible expectations I place on everything.
This was a piece of my week I wanted to share just to encourage you all to find the lesson in life bumps you encounter. Plus, if you have shallow pockets, take everything valuable out before you pee.

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