Beyoncé Taught Me



So I went to the my first Beyoncé concert last week. I was so excited because I never thought it would happen. See, every time she comes to town I just purchased something expensive so I  never have the money. Plus her concert tickets sales out in about 2 minutes flat. Beyoncé changed my life! The concert was amazing! She blew my wig off, snatched my edges, killed me, and brought me back to life. She gave me so much life. So I am going to share my three lessons from the Formation tour.

Me, Myself, and I
I’ve been going through some things y’all. I went to that concert and left feeling empowered. She said “there is no such thing as a weak woman”, that struck me. And you know what she’s right! So when the world comes down on me and sometimes I feel less than. I’m not, I have so much strength that I may not even be using. I believe in myself and abilities. You are your own brand. Live the life you know you deserve. Create realistic goals for growth (check out Sydney’s method for goal making).Then you must keep yourself accountable or even have an accountability partner. (I have a few.)

Genuine love is Beautiful
Love is beautiful and it’s all around me and us. To experience a moving and powerful love. You have to be open to it. That is something that I struggle with. Being closed hurts you more than you know. You have to unpack the baggage and deal with past pain. Have some faith that a better man and love is coming.

Do your best Performance
I went to the Philly show and it was cold, windy, and pouring down rain. If you were to look on that stage, you couldn’t tell she was feeling the cold or rain. She sang hard, dance hard, and looked amazing. Let’s be like Beyoncé and give our best performance at work. Do your best work because you never know what opportunities will come next.

  • stay educated on the industry you are in
  • look for opportunities to shine
  • network, network, network- I find professional groups are some of the easy way to network.



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