Cards For All People, Your Black Card is REVOKED!

I got an email last night that the second edition of Black Card Revoked would be released early! I was excited because honestly I’m tired of playing with the same cards that all my friends have already answered three times over. And there was a 20% off coupon?!?!?! Ok yup, purchased!

Then I decided let me ask my friends the questions that they show on the site just because they’re fresh and I want to be the first person to ask. To my disappointment I see the card below:


Now, I didn’t immediately get enraged but I knew something wasn’t right so I decided to assess each answer and the stance they present.

A. They’re the new Black Panthers

This answer can be seen as both positive and negative. The Black Panther Party’s overall goal was to “land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice, and peace.” Many black people that are aware of this and are proud of what they did could look at this answer as a positive thing. They may feel that Black Lives Matter can bring about great change in our communities. However, many people don’t look at the Black Panther Party as such, many viewed and still view them as a terrorist group. Some of our white counterparts even go as far as to believe that the Black Panther Party wanted to assassinate cops, which couldn’t be further from the truth. In this case, this answer would be a very negative thing.


Stance: Neutral


B. It’s time for them to sit down

This answer is negative; there’s just no other way to look at it. Someone who feels like Black Lives Matter isn’t doing anything to positively push us forward would want them to sit down. Or someone who doesn’t understand, agree with, or support any movement to push black people forward would agree with this statement. If someone can see this as positive, please let me know.

Stance: Negative


C. All Lives Matter

Now I’ve preached time and time again how this statement is not only negative but also degrading to Black Lives Matter. People that say this clearly don’t understand what Black Lives Matter means or stands for. Saying “All Lives Matter” is the equivalent of going to a Breast Cancer Awareness walk and screaming about Pancreatic Cancer; it’s not only rude, but it’s dismissive to the movement. This statement grinds my gears because it DOES NOT mean that supporters don’t believe everyone’s lives matter but it means that we aren’t treated like we matter; therefore, we are screaming hello, I matter too. Sidenote, stop with the (Insert Word) Lives Matter, this is not a trend and it’s not cute. Thanks.

7e13295b275e4d6f88528ee4aba51462Essentially what you’re doing when you say “All Lives Matter”.

Stance: Negative


D. It’s complicated

This answer is completely understandable; it’s natural to agree with part of the mission of the organization but not all of it. Having conflicting views is quite alright. Everything in life isn’t cut and dry. Therefore, I think this answer is completely necessary because there are many people in and outside of our community that may have questions about the mission and/or tactics of Black Lives Matter. If you’re not open to constructive criticism, then you’re not open to growth.

Stance: Neutral


Wait a minute! That’s it? There’s no answer for those that have a positive stance on or opinion of Black Lives Matter. I’m supposed to revoke a person’s black card and there’s not even an option for them to say they support a movement whose general mission is to uplift black people? I’m not understanding. This is a huge issue. Does Cards For All People not seek to represent all sides of an argument? How can you provide a question with 2 negative and 2 neutral answers? While Black Lives Matter may be controversial to some, you decided to include the question on the card but did not give an option that would blatantly support the movement.

When I receive these cards, I will be adding:

E. 2000px-fist-svg

This will represent those that believe Black Lives Matter is a necessary organization “working to (re)build the Black liberation movement.” This represents the people that have organized, protested, and lobbied in the name of Black Lives Matter. This represents the people that support, stand for, and agree with Black Lives Matter. This is to not continuously dismiss people that are in support of the movement because they do matter too!

And before you ask; no, I didn’t cancel my order because I need to ensure that the rest of the cards don’t push an agenda as this one has. I am not criticizing the creators of this game for obviously not being supporters of Black Lives Matter, but for being unconcerned with those that are in agreement with the organization. However, based off of this one card; Cards For All People, your black card has been revoked! Good day!


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