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So most of my last couple blogs have been about relationships, sex, or some kind of combination of the two. This week I’ve decided to show you the other Syd (hence the name Taleof2Syddies) and talk about how I set personal goals.

While most people seem to feel that the New Year is the best time to set new goals (and start over on failed ones), I think September is really the best time for this.  Kids are going back to school, seasons are changing, and a new chapter is arising.  Fall is a time of not only death, but rebirth. You’re actually more likely to stick to new habits during this time, because everything is transitioning. Plus, summer is sadly over, so you’re probably traveling less and reining in things that will interrupt your new routine. When you set goals in the New Year, it’s more often than not a setup for failure. But as always, do what works best for you, not what society tells you to do.

With the onset of this year’s Fall Equinox, I have set a number of new goals and have even gone about a new way of tracking these goals. Since I’m a computer person, I’ve set up a Google Sheet with formulas and such to hold myself accountable. As you can see, some of my goals are going better than others, but that’s what’s important about goal tracking: being honest with yourself! When it’s on paper (or Google Sheet) you can SEE what you’re doing right or wrong and how you can improve during this process.

googlesheetThe red boxes with x’s means I did not progress towards that goal during the week and the green boxes with o’s means that I made progress towards the goal. Yellow means I still have a chance lol.

My strategy will be to mark whether I successfully progressed towards the completion of each goal every Sunday; once I’ve made the goal a habit, I will delete it from the sheet. I feel like if it’s embedded into my routine, I no longer need it on my goal sheet. Each Sunday I will reflect upon my week’s actions, what distracted me, and why I didn’t act with intention throughout the week. Acting with intention means to live with purpose, instead of always trying to reach your purpose. So for example, during my lunch break I used to eat and just sit on the phone for an hour. Now that I’m acting with intention, I keep my phone on silent, eat my lunch, and read. This is making reading a part of my schedule, so that it’ll be a part of my normal routine. I’ll no longer be able to say “I don’t have time to read” because there is dedicated time in my day just for reading.

I hope you take some time this fall to reflect on things you’ve wanted to accomplish and be intentional about reaching those goals.


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  1. Kaluchka says:

    Great advice! I started using a Passion Planner to do this, and it’s true…writing things down helps you keep yourself accountable. Great post! Thanks!


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