Hello I’m a Millennial



Hey Guys,

I want to share my thoughts on the workplace as a millennial. I’ve experienced some serious shade and my friends have too. I constantly hear that we are entitled, lazy, job hoppers, and we don’t respect our “elders”.  I get so annoyed because my age and experience is thrown in my face. I’m tired of it. They have questioned my ability and attempted to make me feel like I am not as intelligent. They have used my “lack of experience against me”, and decide my opinion isn’t valid since they’ve been working for 20 years. My professionalism gets questioned for just asking questions. Why can’t I ask questions? If you been here for so long shouldn’t this roll off the tongue. As this behavior continues, for a small second it makes you question yourself. I have to clap back and say no. I believe in me and my talent.

I will keep pushing because I am passionate. I bring fresh ideas and skills to the table. That whole 20-year experience thing isn’t as valid as they think. The increase in technology has proven so. While, I do believe in gaining knowledge from those with more experience, everything they say isn’t the bible and you don’t have to do it their way to get a correct answer. Don’t let them throw stereotypes your way. When they shoot the negativity it is more of a reflection of them than you. They are threatened by your drive and ideas and can’t stand the thought of being outshined by young talent. I will not be cornered and neither should you. Every Millennial I know wants work in their field and make money in the process. We even take lower salaries just to be in our industry so tell me how is that entitled!?

I get so frustrated because I just want to work. I want to do my best, make money, and advance.  And as for lazy as they say we are I see millennials working hard, even taking on more jobs just to have more money in the bank. We are trying to get out of the parents’ house a little quicker (everything is ridiculously expensive). So if they think we are entitled, maybe a little after busting my tail in college and internships. I feel I could at least be heard. I am not asking to do things my way. I am asking to be treated like a fellow colleague and I don’t believe you treat your older co-workers like that. Did you guys know that this is form of harassment? I learned that thanks to a seminar at my job. Thanks job! Comments regarding your age and experience that make you feel uncomfortable/bothered is a form of harassment creating a hostile work environment (That’s just a fun fact for you).

Stay passionate and hardworking! We won’t be the underdogs forever. They don’t want us to win but we will. #thekeys

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  1. Good read. Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Patreseknows says:

      Thank you so much! 🙂


  2. brendachelsea93 says:

    This blog post is everything 🙌 These feelings are exactly why i started my blog Say Hello to Mellow because the stereotyping is not only hurtful but causes unnecessary stress. I for one just work harder and longer to break away from the stigma but even this can lead to burning out. If only people more senior realise they were once in our position and help us grow – Brenda (https://sayhellotomellow.wordpress.com)


    1. Patreseknows says:

      Hi Brenda! I am glad you enjoyed the post. The stereotyping drives me crazy at times lol but like you I just try to work hard. We’ll figure it all out as we go. 🙂


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