Sexting 101: How to Send Those Late Texts that Lead to Latex

So it seems like I’m always helping my friends text guys they’re interested in, and I truly don’t mind. However, it gets difficult when they need help sending freaky texts because honestly you may be into things I’m not or I may be into things you aren’t. Additionally, this is someone YOU’RE dealing with, so you should know him or her more intimately than I. So while I may do a fantastic job at finessing freaky messages, they’re better if they come from you.

Therefore my way of continuing to help without typing the texts for you, I, with the assistance of some trusted friends, have assembled a list of suggestions.

1. Can You Handle It? – First things first, make sure you know what you’re signing up for. If you don’t want to show and prove, don’t sext. Point. Blank. Period. (refer to Selling Dreams Blog) If you’re sexting, it means you’re open to making your messages a reality.


2. Sexual Innuendos Are Welcomed – This may not be for beginners but they are definitely a way to get the conversation started. You may be ready to take that step but they might not have their mind in the gutter with you. This is a way to bring them on down to Naughty Town. Think of it as foreplay. This leaves a little to the imagination and is a good way to get your recipient revved up.


3. Let Your Freak Flag Fly – This is the time to be creative and imaginative; don’t hold back. Sexting is supposed to be fun and sometimes it allows you to see if your partner is down for certain activities or not. Before you ask me “Is this too much?” Just know my answer will most often be “NO!” Almost nothing is too much, especially if you’ve already been intimate with this person, so let it all hang out.


4. Anytime Any Place – Don’t worry about if your partner is at work or not (unless they’re a teacher, in which case only send pics outside of school hours please.) Sexual texts at work may be just what they need. Sexual texts are sometimes better when it feels like you have to hide it. So please send those freaky texts morning, noon, and night. Believe me, it doesn’t take long to get in the mood if you’re doing it right. Just be mindful that you won’t get responses as quickly as you would if they weren’t working.


5. No Face No Trace – Pictures are ALWAYS welcomed, but for your safety don’t include your face. Now before you guys just start flinging dick pics everywhere, let me explain. Tasteful pictures are key. Let’s be honest bare pussy and peen only look pretty but from so many perspectives. Tit pics are easier to make artful than clit pics. Let’s put a little more thought into it. Take lingerie/underwear pictures instead. Men get erect and take a print pic in boxer briefs or sweat pants (preferably grey.) Women, if you want to make sure your pic is sexy, send it to your friends. We’re always here for approval. And please for the love of God lotion before you send a pic showing skin. Baby oil, coconut oil, something. I won’t say it again.


6. Get Involved – If you’re messages are getting extra hot and steamy, don’t be afraid to relieve some of your built up tension. This could either mean getting out of bed and driving to your partner’s house instead of texting them, video chatting them so that you can act out some of your texts, or it could just mean a solo session. If it goes there, let it flow.


Hope my sexting tips helped you get a little freakier with your messages.

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