90’s Babies with Babies or Naw

Calling all 90’s babies. Why do I keep seeing this social media shame placed on 90’s kids with kids vs. 90’s kids with no kids?

I see so many memes shaming 90’s kids with kids or 90’s kids with no kids. What is wrong with you people!? If you are a 90’s baby with a baby…cool. Be an amazing mother. If you have received backlash, I am sorry. It is not people’s place to judge. Whether you were married or not shouldn’t warrant judgement. Whether it’s your second or third child it shouldn’t warrant judgement either. People may not agree with your life choices but they don’t have to. They should keep their mouths closed though. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. Leave those comments in your head.

Why can’t I be tired? I have a full schedule. So because I don’t have children yet I am supposed to be a ball of energy. You weren’t tired before having kids?

However, as a 90’s kid with no kids you are not better than me because you have children. You don’t know my life and plans. For the record, I want children and can’t wait until I can have my own family. Marriage is an important first step before having children. I shouldn’t even have to explain myself though. I shouldn’t be judged because I want my finances in a certain place. Or maybe some 90’s kids don’t want children at all. That’s their right. And no you don’t have to agree with their choices either but once again keep your thoughts to yourself. Although, I do believe being a parents adds something special to your life, that doesn’t mean those who don’t have children are living a life without purpose or meaning.

If that’s what they want to do then cool. There’s no need to highlight this. If you good then be good and take a seat.

Let’s stop this division and shaming that we literally place on everything and everybody. Stop with these stupid shady memes. Just be happy to see your peers advancing in life. Can’t we just all get along?

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  1. amen to this! I’m 21, and can’t imagine raising a child on my 27k a year, I can barely break even on that but either way children when or if is such a personal choice! Great shedding of light on that!

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    1. Patreseknows says:

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂


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