Let Them Live

I am like the mama friend. I got my friends backs. I will tell them what I think whether they ask for it or not. I am brutally honest and will be quick to pick out their issue. While I think that’s a reason they love me and it could also be a reason I get on their nerves. Giving advice is easy to me but watching my friends do the opposite of it drives me crazy. Watching my friends make the same mistakes over and over especially when it comes to their love life drives me crazy. But there comes a time where you have to simply back off. Back off and let them live with their own choices. It can be extremely hard to watch your friend hurt or make certain decisions. Don’t ruin your friendship over their relationship. Believe me it is not worth the trouble. I’ve had more than one experience where I highly disliked my friend’s guy and it effected our relationship. I have a few tips to help you manage.

If they ask you your opinion give it
Don’t stop being honest. That’s like the foundation of friendship to me but you don’t always have to talk. Let them ask you for your opinion.

There’s no need to keep repeating it
I will quickly tell a friend “You know how I feel but you should do what is best for you”.  Once, I’ve said my peace I will not keep repeating it.There is no need to debate a friend’s decisions or behavior. You can disagree and still be great friend.

Just be there
Although it’s annoying to keep hearing them harp over the mess. Be a friend and listen when they really need it.

Say a little pray
I pray for my friends. Do you? There’s nothing wrong with saying a prayer and hoping for the best.

Don’t rub it in
If the relationship ended or they fell on their face that’s not the time to say “I told you so”. Keep it in your head. Find some encouraging words and uplift your friend. We all make mistakes my friends. Your foolish time will come.

Any other ideas or tips? Let me know. Comment below!

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