Shut Up and Do

Dear self,Cut the crap and get off you’re a#%. Stop complaining about things you control. Stop whining. Stop thinking. Start doing. Love, Yourself (1)

I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again, you only get one life. In one of my last post I talked about how Growth is Uncomfortable. We spend so much time complaining and blaming others for our lack of growth. It is not anyone’s fault but your own! Stop running your mouth and start working. Stop watching others and handle your business. Stop putting off what you can do today for tomorrow. Basically, just shut up and do.

We sit, staring at our phones wishing we had her body, his money, a relationship like hers, or a house like his. We sit around playing the victim instead of taking responsibilities for our own failures. We sit around feeling like why is this happening to me. I do this crap too. I think we can all say we take part in this and we have to change this behavior. Stop avoiding taking the first steps. At times change is uncomfortable, we know this. <—- (You can read more on why it is so uncomfortable.)

And if you are reading this saying “whatever, easier said than done”, I’d say you are absolutely right but so what!?  If you are not willing to get off your butt and make things happen for yourself then SHUT UP AND SIT IN A CORNER SOMEWHERE. I am bringing the fire today people. Think of that thing, project, or goal you said you were going to start. Today you are going to start. You are going to take the first step now. I am serious people. RIGHT NOW. So if that means texting him first, getting back to the gym or starting your company, do what you need to do.


We are going to flourish darlings.



P.S. when you feel stuck…read this again. Read it as many times as you need to keep it moving.


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  1. Definitely been feeling stuck, definitely going to tuck this away to come back to

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    1. GGBB says:

      I promise you I do the same thing when I need a kick in the pants. Our goals can and will be accomplished.


      1. I really hope so!! I’m a recent graduate (June) and job hunting has been so discouraging. So thank you for this!! Definitely was in need of some encouragement 😊

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      2. GGBB says:

        I graduated college two years and I understand completely how you feel! Once you get “the job” it’ll be a great feeling. And you’re welcome 🙂


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