No in the City


So this past weekend I enjoyed a Sex in the City marathon. Sex in the City is one of my favorite shows and I’ve seen every episode 50 million times. When Sex in the City originally aired I was 6. I started watching around 11 and I had to sneak to watch it because I wasn’t allowed to (for obvious reasons). I loved the show so much. Carrie and Charlotte were my favorite! I wanted to be them. I loved their clothes, jobs, and lifestyle. That goes to show you how television most certainly can make impact.

As I watched this weekend I realized I don’t want to be these women at all. What a young foolish child I was. Don’t be like these characters at all! (I am chuckling as I write this) They were women in their 30’s and 40’s playing games, avoiding feelings, cheating, and just acting a fool. In these unhealthy relationships sitting around stewing in the mess! Now I am not saying we won’t make mistakes but who wants to still be doing those types of things in your 30’s and 40’s. I am 24, so I don’t know everything and haven’t been in a lot of relationships but I know for a fact I want better.

Take some time to know yourself. You should know who you are and what’s important to you. You need to know your needs to feel loved and secure. So whether the intent is causal dating or a more serious relationship, know what works for you. Stop avoiding feelings! Grow up and accept that is a part of life. How can you date someone and try to develop something but don’t want to talk? How would that ever work? Open your mouth, put your big girls panties on, and say how you feel. Don’t bring any games to the table unless its scrabble. So I am going to repeat myself and say grow up, If a guy likes you, he’ll act like it. And if he doesn’t it is because he doesn’t want to. No games need to be played. Let’s get these learning experiences out early and not deal with this crap forever.

I love Sex in the City and I always will. They have given me some life lessons in what not to do. So it’s a ” No in the City” for me.











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  1. Malissa Brooke says:

    I love this! Sex in the City is one of my favorite shows as well. I watch it every time I’m in a girly mood! Just wrote an article about it and how it is a go-to for a woman marathon ( ) . But I do agree, they were terrible when it came to relationships! lol


    1. GGBB says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 Girl time is needed. I definitely had that type of weekend.

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