Give Gratitude to Yourself


  1. the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

At a young age, I was raised to be grateful and to give thanks for the blessings I have received. So while, I show gratitude to others I wasn’t giving myself gratitude. Life moves fast and as I was checking off accomplishments and goals. I was neglecting myself. I got burned out honestly. When you’ve got big dreams it feels like the list never ends and you question why you are on this path in the first place.

But once I started to acknowledge my journey and the steps towards my dreams. Trust me I still have my moments where I can get down but they happen less and less. The changed started with my thinking. Celebrate taking the first step. Acknowledge those two steps towards your goal. They stay it’s not the journey but the destination. I urge you to take moments for yourself to really acknowledge your progress. Those moments keep you going. Know that you are making impact. When those down moments come, know that those are temporary feelings. Don’t let those temporary feelings make a permanent decision of you possibly quitting your dreams. Just trying to push a little positively your way.


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  1. Lucious Lyon says:

    Heyyyyyy! I love your writing and just overall how you think. I was so impressed that I read several of your posts! However I do want to point out that maybe you should proofread more extensively I’ve seen quite a few errors that really take away from your pieces overall greatness. Keep doing what you’re doing you’re an awesome blogger.


    1. Patreseknows says:

      Thank you I really appreciate your comments and feedback. I am always looking to improve.


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