I Still Ain’t With Her

So after seeing all of the arguing and debates on Facebook the last few weeks, I decided I won’t debate with y’all. I just didn’t have the energy. However some of y’all got me started, so here we go…

I posted a status on Facebook expressing even though Bernie (who I stan for) is throwing his support behind Hillary, I will still not be voting for her. I was then engulfed with comments from friends and family concerning my right to vote. This is my letter to them:

Dear Uninformed Citizens,

First of all, I never said I wasn’t voting, reading is fundamental my dear friends.


Second of all, if I wasn’t voting that shouldn’t be an issue. Why you ask? Our ancestors fought for a number of our rights we aren’t obligated to exercise. For example, the right to drink from the same water fountain does not mean I must drink from every water fountain I walk pass. What it means is if I am so parched that I want to partake in the non-spring waters flowing from the metal faucet of any water fountain then I can quench my thirst by doing so IF I PLEASE. We have a number of rights that we choose not to exercise everyday. I have the right to bear arms and I ain’t packing (yet.) I have the right to marry another woman; I’m not doing that either. I have the right to tip-toe in my Jordans if I please to do so. You know why? Because it is a RIGHT! I believe some have confused the terms right and duty. I have a right to vote which means I can freely exercise that right if I so please.

Lastly, I am choosing to exercise that right but it won’t be for the Republican or Democratic nominee because I am not obligated to do so. Not to add on that I am registered as an Independent for this very reason.

I hope this letter eases your worries and helps you sleep at night without nightmares of me sitting at home eating a salad while you go vote for a candidate you probably don’t believe in.

I Ain’t Got Time

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