Friendship is a Two-way Street

“If you look in the dictionary it will tell you that the definition of friendship is a state of being friends; friendly relation, or attachment, to a person, or between persons; affection arising from mutual esteem and good will; friendliness; amity; good will. That all sounds nice, but it doesn’t cover the fact that a true friendship is a relationship that can survive the test of time and remain unconditional.” – 

Friendships are so important. Having a circle of people you trust and depend on is crucial. Having a circle of people you can laugh with and experience life with is crucial. So when I see this meme. It drives me crazy. So, I’ll explain…


Busy doing what?  When I watch your Snapchat, you are just chilling. Now, do you need to talk to your friends everyday? No. But do you need to prove your friendship? Yes a little. If you are never around, or I never hear from you what type of friend is that? If I always have to reach out for us to speak or hang out, what type of friendship is that? If I am in a place of struggle and I can’t depend on you, what type of friend is that? I’ve always taken friendship seriously. Probably more seriously than others but why let people in your space if they are not offering any value to your life.


Friendship is a two-way street. Any relationship is a two-way street. It should always be mutually beneficial. So if you too busy to support, then let’s go our separate ways and know that there is no hard feelings between us. Just a simple text “Hey girl, I’m checking in. How’s everything?”, shows the person you care. It’s the little things my friends. Be a friend to your friend!


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