Growth is Uncomfortable

Growth is Uncomfortable.


You get to a point where you aren’t satisfied with where you are in life. You can’t keep doing what you doing while wanting to elevate at the same time. Growth is uncomfortable. It is stressful, painful, and draining. But I urge you to keep going. It will not always be that way. It is uncomfortable because it is new and unfamiliar. It is uncomfortable because what if you make certain changes and still don’t feel better? It is uncomfortable because you may have to let go of some friendships or that relationships you’ve held on for too long. I urge you to see this through and to just be uncomfortable. Don’t go back to old behavior because that’s what you know. As they say “Great risk comes great reward”.

I’m in a real growth period now. There are a few things I am working on and it’s hard. I am putting in all my energy in accomplishing some personal goals. Goals that once I carry out I will be in a more positive healthy space. It’s really hard and frustrating. And some days, I’m like “what’s the point!?”. Also, let’s mention that I don’t really like change. I like the idea of it but now when it’s applied to my life, it prompts a different reaction. Another reason it is difficult is because I have to be honest with myself and acknowledge some mistakes and negative practices in my life. All this to say, that your mind will come up with reasons why you shouldn’t or reasons why you should wait a bit longer. DON’T! Just do it and if you fall, get back up and if you have a bad day know that tomorrow will be better. Don’t silence your voice that is pushing you to be your very best.

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