He doesn’t call you because he doesn’t want to

He's just not that into you

So a hard lesson I had to learn was rather very simple. People will do what they want. So when he doesn’t call it’s because he didn’t want to call. When he didn’t make time for you it is because he didn’t want to. I have seen my friends and myself make excuses for the guys in our lives. As for why we do that? There are many reasons but one being we don’t like being alone. We like them so much that we excuse certain behaviors. But let me be clear that’s where it starts. People do what you allow. So if you want to change how you’re being treated, then you have to demand the respect and be willing to chuck the deuces if he can’t live up to those standards.

Is it hard? Sure it is! You really like him. And it’s been a while since you’ve connected with someone. Don’t ignore the red flags. Don’t even start making excuses. Don’t set yourself up for a stressful relationship. Be with someone who wants you for real. Where they will make time for you not because you complain but because they want to spend time with you. If we really wants you, he’ll show you and it’s that simple. That’s my thoughts! Agree or disagree? Let me hear your thoughts.


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