It’s 3 am and I miss him


Never get over him

It’s 3 a.m.  It’s raining and I’m in bed. He’s on my mind again. It’s always these moments when my mind is quiet and the day is over. I miss you a lot. And even though I had to walk away, it doesn’t mean it didn’t cause me pain. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard for me to do. I loved you. I still love you and I keep thinking I made a mistake. The sadness is just annoying and I know you’re not even thinking of me. Was it real? Was any of it real?  I fell in love with you and our potential. In my mind we had everything in the making to become “The Couple”. On paper we made sense. We had so much in common. You made me laugh and feel special. But over the years it changed. I changed and I realized that it wasn’t right. I wanted more and I thought you did too. But you were are too young and just wanted to have fun. So while I thought we were building we were stagnant going nowhere. So then I get mad, because I feel like I wasted my time and my energy. I gave you everything and yet that wasn’t good enough. It feels like I will never get over him.

But you will. It sucks because you got your heart-broken. You went into it with a genuine heart and it didn’t turn out the way you thought. It feels like you will never move on. It feels like you will never find the right guy. In time you will find the guy that will sweep you off your feet. He will love you the way you deserved to be loved. He will build with you and become your life partner. Work on yourself and be better than yesterday. Take this time to let your wounds heal and to fall deeper in love with yourself. You must also pray. Pray to God that he’ll bring you your king. So when it’s 3 a.m. and you miss him, roll over and get some rest and know that these feelings will fade.


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