He’s Not A Mind Reader

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I have a friend who likes to receive love verbally. For her, him saying his feelings out loud makes it real for her.  My advice “That’s when you say for me communicating how you feel for to me is important. Hearing you say it makes it real for me.” Her “Exactly…but he should know that.”  WRONG
So many times we say “he’s supposed to know” or “he should know that”. But why? Why should he know? In most cases, you are not the first girl he’s dated. So why all of sudden is he supposed to know what you like and don’t like. We are all different and the way we send and receive love is different. In this situation, she prefers to receive love verbally. What if in his last relationship that wasn’t a need of hers?  How would he know he needs to communicate his feelings verbally on the regular?
A guy doesn’t know anything until you tell him. Men aren’t as complicated as we think they are. Whether it’s in casual conversation or having a heart to heart, you need to express what you need, like, want, etc. You should want him to express the same types of things. We can’t continue to make these types of assumptions if we want healthy relationships. If you are not ready to express what you want and need then maybe you shouldn’t be dating at all.

Lesson: He is not a mind reader. Open your mouth.
Do you agree or disagree? Let’s chat below!

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  1. Fran says:

    I agree! He isn’t a mind reader, now the problem is…does he care about the way she loves to listen and follow through? -if not, there’s a bigger problem/


    1. GGBB says:

      That’s a 150% true! He has to acknowledge what was said and follow through for it to work. But trust I’ll be discussing that “bigger problem”. Thanks for reading 😊


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